Tuesday, July 24, 2007

A warning

With renewed confidence in Hollywood's ability to produce a quality experience after seeing Die Hard 4, we decided to try out Transformers this afternoon.

My review would simply be this: If you enter the movie knowing that its target audience has never driven a car before, you might enjoy it. The special effects are stunning, and the main actress is very attractive - the two high points for me. However, being the somewhat-critical viewer I am, the holes in the plot and lack of background information almost ruined it for me. There were just too many unexplained occurances and the viewer was given little to no information on why what was going on, was going on.

And there was a 10 minute 'intermission' as the projection room tried to figure out how to get reel #2 onto the projector.

However, as I told Josh, it was time spent better than what our original plan was - on the beach, sweating in the 93 degree heat.

Time for chocolate in Herzilya-


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