Saturday, July 28, 2007

Jordan, for the win....

YES! (Marv Albert voice)

I'm writing from the Petra Gate Hostel in Wadi Mousa, Jordan - the site of our slumber and other overnight activities while we prepare for tomorrow's exploration of the ruins at Petra, recently named one of the 'new' 7 Wonders of the World. It has been a long day which started at 9am in Eilat, crossing the border into Jordan, and driving via taxi to here.

I will share the details of the trip once we return to the Kfar, but for now I wanted to just say how enjoyable the weekend excursion has been up to this point. Eilat is quite a place, Israel's Las Vegas (although gambling was outlawed a few years ago), with beautiful beaches and booming nightlife. Snorkling was the main event of today, which we spent 2 hours doing at the Coral Beach. It was only my second time snorkling, the first being in Key West at the home of Frank McKemie (seems like I always find my way into the kind grasp McKemie hospitality). The scenery underwater was breathtaking - although that could have just been the salt water getting into my snorkle. Kidding aside, the fish and reefs were beautiful and made me wish I had some sort of underwater camera for documentation. Fish that I had only previously seen on National Geographic provided a very unique experience - being able to actually move with them and see them from whatever angle or distance my heart desired was really cool.

More will come later, but for right now sleep is a must - we will get up at sunrise tomorrow and set out for Petra for a full day, to return to Israel tomorrow at 8pm.

Here's to a hopefully good night of sleep, if the wedding-celebratory fireworks outside our window ever cease.


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