Friday, July 13, 2007

Home Run Derby – what were they thinking?

Of course the idea is a good one when looking on from the local fan’s perspective – what in baseball is more exciting than a Home Run? So, in the event of a tie after 7 full innings, why not decide the game based on which team can send the best three Home Run hitters to the plate to hit against their respective coach’s batting practice pitching?

From this player’s perspective, however, the idea needs some work. As you may have guessed, by “work” I mean deletion. Extra innings are what baseball is all about – play until a winner is decided, and every inning becomes do-or-die. Who can hit the most batting practice homers has little relevance to who should be declared the victor of a baseball game.

So, by now I am sure that it is quite obvious that we lost today. Matt Comiter had another brilliant performance on the mound, yielding only one run over six innings. Justin Prinstein came in for the seventh inning with the game tied 1-1 and struck out the three batters he faced to send the game into extra innings… I mean home run derby. Josh Doane connected for one home run, but it was the only one that the Tigers’ three batters mustered, and Petach Tikva’s three homers gave them the victory.

I am on the train to Bet Shemesh right now, eagerly awaiting the friends and meals that are eagerly awaiting me – a beautiful symmetry. I am again fully satisfied with the appointments of this train, allowing me to write in comfortable air conditioning with a table in front of me. As I look up from the screen momentarily, I am trying to determine if the eyes of the attractive young lady sitting a few rows ahead in the next car are indeed intermittently meeting with mine, or just the person’s occupying the seat to her front-left. Judging from her conversational actions, the latter seems to be true, but that won’t deter me from exchanging pleasantries with her upon detraining if she is also bound for Bet Shemesh.

More adventures to come… I’ll be heading back to Tel Aviv tomorrow evening to join my teammates at Amit’s house for a barbeque and beer drinking contest (just kidding). So, a shorter than usual visit with the McKemie’s, but I am confident that it will be just as gratifying.

Just received a call from Ben in fact, and we are to go for another swim after he picks me up – excellent news.

Till later-


My pre-train meal - delicious

Luxurious train cabin

Behind the scenes... the computer behind the blog

Sunset chez McKemie


jam40jeff said...

Every time I come here, you change the look-and-feel on me, haha.

Yeah, home run derby doesn't sound like a great way to end a baseball game. Makes about as much sense as a pie-eating contest.

Anonymous said...

That is Chichen Schwarma right? Mmmm, looks good.