Monday, July 9, 2007

Communication lapse

Much more on the weekend to come, but first a recount of the frustrating afternoon and subsequent cancellation of yet another of our games. After lunch back at the Kfar, we boarded the bus bound for Sportek, both teams bristling with anticipation for our new game site. The bus itself seemed like it belonged in the original image of Israel that I conjured up months ago in my mind, which closely resembled a third-world country. It was a manual transmission (stick-shift), something that I haven't seen on a bus since my summer in Canada playing for the Thunder Bay Border Cats, and therefore something that I previously thought had been banished to our northern neighbors.

The seat I chose seemed to be functional enough at first, but I soon found out that the seat backs offered little in the form of insulation from any knee activity from the occupant behind me. Upon looking up, I noticed some condensation forming at the hands of the struggling air conditioner. I didn't think much of it until about 10 minutes later, when an apparent act of God sent torrential indoor rain showers upon myself the players seated around me. Luckily I realized what was going on quickly, and moved out of the way to dry land (bus).

Now, once at the field, it was quite obvious to all of us that our game tonight would not be happening. Multiple pieces of diesel-powered machinery were hard at work adding dirt to the infield and mowing the overgrown grass, yet league officials present insisted to us that the game would go on. So, we warmed up, took batting practice, and prepared as we would any other day... but eventually knew that it would be all for naught, and shut it down.

So, instead, Ty, Amit, and myself caught a ride with Amit's dad to Yarkon Field to catch the Tel Aviv vs. Bet Shemesh game, one that saw the Blue Sox lose their first game thus far. It was fun to spectate again, but we are growing tired of the cancellations and schedule changes. We're ready for Sportek to be ready, and hope to play there Wednesday.

Stories from Jerusalem will come tomorrow... I'm too tired now to go into it - which is to say, that I want to do it justice, as I had an unbelievable time touring around with Evie (Ben's oldest daughter) and buying Crocs.




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xxx said...

Were we sitting next to you at the Beit Shemesh-Tel Aviv game? (You got a cellphone call from a friend that you were on TV.)

Anonymous said...

Micha'el: Keep wearin that Yarmike and going to the synagoge and Ben will have you converted to Judaism by the end of summer.