Friday, July 27, 2007

Lightning strikes twice

In a 3-game series that brought back fond memories of my days at Tennessee, we only managed to win one game against the Tel Aviv Lightning, a team that we have had mixed luck against this year. After splitting yesterdays' double-dip, today served as the rubber match - like many past Sundays did for weekend series against other SEC schools. It made me realize how much I miss this format, and I hope that the IBL considers a scheduling change for next year, as I think it makes each game carry more weight. It's how games are played in (most) every professional league in the states, for good reason. For the first year, however, the seemingly random game schedule of opponents works just fine.

We have a 10am game tomorrow against Petach Tikva, after which myself and 2 teammates will be hopping on an Egged bus down to Eilat, to be followed by a trip into Jordon to see Petra. I'm really looking forward to the trip, as it should afford the opportunity to see and experience even more of the Middle East, as well as contributing to more interesting reading material than that which has lately occupied this little place in cyberspace (but no lack of assonance!).

I caught Hector De Los Santos' home run on video tonight, which I will upload as soon as I can - it was an exciting moment and his first of the season.

Finally - something which I'm quite jazzed about (yep, 6'7" guys have that capability) - the Atlanta Journal Constitution has decided to do a story on yours truly, complete even with excerpts from this very blog. It is an honor to be featured at all, let alone by a publication with the readership of the AJC - hopefully the subject matter won't disappoint.

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Catching up on pics-

From a sports store in the Herzila Cineplex (mall + movie theatre): actual baseball hats! The Yankees and Braves were the teams available (yeah ATL)

Bruce Willis in Die Hard 4, complete with Hebrew subtitles

The beautiful Yarkon Field, viewed from center

The aforementioned cineplex

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