Friday, July 20, 2007

1 personal victory, 1 team victory

So the start went ok, but it was a huge step forward for me as I made it through 5 innings, giving up 5 runs on 5 walks and 2 home runs. I still have much work to do with consistently being in the strike zone, but there were no streaks of walks as there were against Bet Shemesh. Guys on the team have been supporting me well, and even guys on other teams have come up to me and offering their words of encouragement. Not too often that happens in baseball, but this is something pretty different, and special, here in Israel.

Today at Gezer Field the Tigers defeated the Bet Shemesh Blue Sox, 17-6 in an offensive outpouring that saw 8 of the starting 9 collect base hits. Ryoju Kihara, our right-hander from Yokohama, started the game and went three innings, leading the way for Leon Feingold and Ray Rodriguez to finish the job. Ray picked up his first win of the year with another solid performance on the mound, further establishing himself as one of the team's top contributers as he is also our starting 2nd baseman and leadoff hitter.

So, you may be asking yourself, "Mike, it's 11:00pm on Friday night, what are you doing typing on your blog? Shouldn't you be out partaking in the Iraeli nightlife?"

Good question.

Answer - dehydration. After the game last night, I went for a run here at the Kfar and must have exhausted my body's water supply, because around 5am I woke up with a pounding headache and full-body aches. I barely had enough strength to make it to the bus for today's game, but managed to drag myself to the game and back - for which I'm glad, because it was a glorious victory today at Gezer.

The headache has subsided, but it still hurts to move, so I am taking it easy tonight. Had a good dinner in the cafeteria - apparently they make a nice Shabbat dinner on Friday nights for us, although I've been missing in favor of McKemie accommodations. A nice surprise was the orange flavored juice/soda that was served in pitchers on the tables instead of the now all-too-familiar cherry/cranberry/notsurewhat-berry juice that we usually get from the fountain. Baked chicken, potatoes (greasy variety), watermelon, and my perennial favorite - bread and hummus (seriously). I have taken to hummus like a 3-week old bird to flight. I put it on anything and everything, from chicken schnitzel to bread to rice - can't get enough of it.

So, now I'm ready for more sleep, with some of the Harry Potter movies that I've heard so much about to whisk me off. Hope everyone has a great weekend-


PS - looks like I'll turn over 2000 hits very soon - thanks to everyone for reading - really makes it worthwhile to do this when so many people are keeping up with me!

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