Wednesday, July 11, 2007

2 more losses

This is getting tough. I haven't been on a team with a losing record in a long long time, and it's really tough. I hope that I don't sound conceited, but it's just different for me. I really hope that we can turn things around soon and get back on track - and I'll do whatever I can in my power to help to that end.

Tomorrow we have a rematch with Tel Aviv at Sportek. Today, my Emory teammate Daniel Kaufman pitched 7 outstanding innings, holding us to 1 hit, a home run by Julio Guerrero. It was a towering, majestic shot over the left-field wall that likely crushed an innocent Israeli's windshield on Rokach Boulevard. He did an entertaining reenactment of his brother Vladamir's Home Run Derby-winning shot, tossing the bat and watching the blast until it cleared the fence before rounding the bases. It was the lone bright spot in an otherwise disappointing evening. We'll be out there tomorrow giving our best, and hopefully we'll avenge the loss.


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