Thursday, July 19, 2007

The dog days of July

Not a whole lot has been going on of late, other than baseball games. Who would have known - baseball players playing baseball games? Fortunately for me, that means less free time to kill and more baseball to play - the reason I'm here. Unfortunately for you, that means less time for deviations and various adventures that I can report here.

Don't fret, my dear readership (man I feel like a big deal saying that). Over the all-star break in a week or so, a few teammates and I will be heading to Eilat and Petra, Jordon to explore the sights. Abundant with historical and archaeological significance, this trip should provide plenty to write about, take pictures of, and later claim to friends that "I was there".

The Tigers are hanging in there at 5-11 on the year. Fortunately for us, the league decided to change the playoff system and now all 6 teams in the league are eligible for postseason play, with the top two teams earning first-round byes. For the sports-uneducated, this means that, for all intents and purposes, it doesn't matter if a team finishes the regular season in 3rd or 6th place - everyone is equal once the regular season ends, except the top two teams, who automatically advance to the second round of playoffs. So, we are focused on staying healthy, improving as a team, and being as good as we can be for the playoffs, and focused less on each individual game. If we win, we are pumped; if we lose, we aren't depressed and we look at where we got better and where to improve.

Tonight we play Ra'anana at the marquee Yarkon Field, and I have been fortunate enough to get another chance on the hill after my last "outing" against Bet Shemesh. Keep your fingers crossed - I am prepared, but every little bit helps

Also, I'd like to give a shout-out to Jeff Baker - rub and rub out, man.


Some Pics:
The photographers were amazed by Ty's juggling skills... and I was amazed at the photographers' amazement

The view from Leon's 4th floor studio in Tel Aviv (notice the free advertising for Croat-Kerfeld Homes - Ken and Loren, if you're reading this, you might expect some international orders soon. You're welcome-)

Our own version of Where's Waldo - Where's Ryo? Today, Ryo was found doing a light jog by the river during the 5th inning

The mighty Israeli black ant, capable of towing 5,000 times his body weight in pistachios

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Diane said...

Always a pleasure to read your blogs! Wow, Jordan! How long will y'all be there?
Keep the pictures comin'