Friday, August 31, 2007

Week goes by...

I won't lie - it is definitely great to be back in the States. Luxuries like carpeting, having my own car, and high definition television have coddled me in an environment that I am glad to call my own again. I do miss Israel, though - the guys from the league, the Israeli public and their purposeful way of life, the beautiful geography, the morning call of the peacock...

In the last week I have moved into my new house, caught up with parents and friends, and spent a lot of time simply enjoying being back. Here are some photos to share, just a few shots, but be sure to take note of the Israeli influence on my new bedroom's decorating: it cannot be denied.

Another item of note would be the new website that my cousin (and former NASA computer programmer - yeah, that's a pretty big deal) has started, located at - it's a very cool idea and very good at its purpose, which is to gather information about your favorite sports team from all over the internet into one location.

So, check out the pics and website, and I'll be back periodically with updates.


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