Monday, August 6, 2007


It's a great feeling, one of accomplishment and 'having done something'. I've got that right now.

This morning, I successfully depressed the snooze button on my phone 6 times, amounting in a total of one full hour of snoozing. That, my friends, is a feat.

Kidding aside, after I finally did arise from bed, I managed to weasel my way into the Grounds Director's (my title for him, as the beloved Kfar Hayarok apparently doesn't bestow titles upon officers) office to reset the wireless router that has been not operational for the past 2 days. (side note - I just tried to type 'inoperational' and Firefox wanted to change it to 'in operational'... does that make sense? If you have grammatical insight here, please let me know)

After resetting the router and restoring internet access for thousands of IBL players here at the Kfar, I made my way up for a surprisingly satisfying lunch at Cafe Kfar. After discussing career plans and good movies with my friend and teammate Ben Engelhart, I then retrieved my laundry and returned to my room to compose this glorification of a simple morning's events.

The Tigers have been unable to string together a bunch of wins as we had hoped (and still think we have the talent to do). Rafael had a tough go at it last night, and was dealing with a very tight strike zone in the first inning. The umpire seemed to get the idea, albeit a bit late, and opened up a bit as the game progressed. It was too late, and Bet Shemesh had opened up a 7-0 lead that we fought to a 7-3 count before we were out of at-bats.

Movies that I want to see:
Life Is Beautiful
Ocean's Thirteen
Die Hard 3 (sitting on my computer already ready for a watch... after a conversation with teammate Sam Faeder, I've come to find out that the latest version in theatres does not accurately reflect the Die Hard series, so I have decided to see the original trio. The first blew my socks off)

Have a movie I should see? Let me know!


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Diane said...

I heard Borat is good; also Little Miss Sunshine. The Queen (Helen Mirren) was excellent.