Thursday, June 21, 2007

A Wonderful Host

I'm writing from the desk of Ben McKemie, uncle to my longtime Emory roommate, Gordon McKemie. He has generously opened his home to me and has treated me royally thus far, from taking me shopping to pick up some essentials to preparing some great meals to quell my hunger. I slept from midnight until 7:30am this morning, a sleep pattern that I haven't seen in a long long time, due to my lack of descipline back home and love for, what seems to be, an ongoing competition with myself to see how late I can stay up and still function the next day. It is very refreshing to be up at this hour and have an entire day to look forward to.

After some sightseeing today in Jerusalem, I will return to our camp in Ramat Hasharon for some informal baseball practice and a meeting at 6:00pm, at which time we will also be taking pictures.

While these first days so far away from home have been at times difficult and a bit emotional, Ben's presence along with his beautiful family has certainly made me feel at home.

I'm looking forward to our first official workouts tomorrow morning, and hope that the past few days of travel have not left me too rusty - luckily we have four more days until our first game to prepare.



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