Friday, June 22, 2007

What is this light pouring in my eyes?

For the second straight morning, I've been naturally awoken by the Israeli sunlight, feeling fully rested and ready to go. Perhaps I should bottle up this sunlight and bring some back with me In August to help me get up in the morning.

We have our first practice at 10am this morning, and it will be the first time I've thrown since Sunday afternoon. Hopefully I'll be able to shake the rust off and get it going.

Some interesting tidbits that I've learned about Israel:
Hitchiking is not only accepted, but government-authorized. People will stand in bus stops and try to hail drivers as they pass, and according to Ben, more often than not they will get where they need to go in a timely manner
Cats are not a household pet, but a wild animal here. After lunch at Ben's yesterday, he slung the remains outside the back door and three cats appeared and quickly disposed of our uneaten food.
Cashiers are much more somber and less friendly than in the US. I needed to find Visine at the local drug store, and after communicating some English and visual signals, got what I needed, all the time garnering a less-than-welcoming response from my helper. Later, as I extended my hand to receive my change, she instead left it on the counter and I had to pick up the 10-odd coins. Ben said it was completely normal.

I'm going to start a photo album on Flickr, and I'll post a link when it's ready.

Till then, Enjoy your day-



Diane said...

Maybe you're a morning person after all!
Tell us about Uncle Ben's family, how old are his kids, is his wife from the states or is she from Israel, does the family speak hebrew, etc.
Did y'all get air conditioning where you're staying?
It's really interesting to read about your experiences and see pictures! Is your first game on Monday?

Matt Phillips said...

The cashiers and all customer-service people in Germany are exactly the same. Just remember, they're doing you a favor by taking your money.