Saturday, June 30, 2007

A most excellent day off

Funny how things never seem to go as planned, yet we still manage to have an good entertaining time no matter what happens. Today we set out for the beach and to find a good coffee shop with wireless to try and simulate the ubiquitous Starbucks scene that is so fun to partake in back home. We succeeded in finding the beach, a feat not all-too-impressive considering we had a 6 mile margin for error.

Still, we were proud of our navigatory accomplishment, and celebrated with a couple of Goldstars (appropriately enjoyed under a couple green Heineken beach umbrellas, for variety's sake). The others didn't eat, but I ordered up a Chicken Schnitzel plate with fries and veggies - a most delectable meal. Although all of these items had been served at the cafeteria back at the Kfar Hayarok cafeteria, I wanted to see if a real restaurant's take on the meal would be any different (read: not as bad) - and I was surely not disappointed as it was all absolutely delicious, and I even got to have real ketchup with the fries, a first since being over here.

After a couple hours on the beach (don't worry, I stayed camped under the umbrellas the entire time, fearing for my fair German skin) we walked up to the main street in search of a coffee house. We got tips from some local females, but never seemed to find the oasis that we were looking for; instead, we settled at a pretty basic restaurant and had a light meal with a mediocre cappuccino, and no wireless. All hope was not lost though - the lasagna enjoyed by Kevin and I was excellent, mine being of the mushroom variety (no meat due to kosher tradition).

We then walked down the strip, taking in a truly awesome sunset, and finding more spots for future patronage. A quick cab ride later and here I am, back at the Kfar, ready for a night of rest before our noon contest tomorrow against the league-leading Bet Shemesh Blue Sox. A victory would pull us to within a half-game of first place.

That's all - keep your fingers crossed for the Tigers tomorrow, and enjoy your evening (or afternoon, or morning, depending on which locale you're reading from)



I'm not nearly as tired as I look in this picture... yet

Interesting poster we saw on the way home - still not exactly sure what the point of it was, but we assumed it was a pro-Bush statement. There is much support for Bush here; a summary from our cab driver: "Clinton good at sex, nothing else. Bush good for Israel"

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