Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Game shortened due to darkness; Kerfeld's height remains unchanged

Tough loss last night as the game was shortened to 6 innings due to the inability of the field lights to illuminate the field. It's hard to understand how something so basic can fail at it's one purpose - lights exist to, you guessed it, light up the field.

Enough negativity though - it was a blast to get out on the field again and play. Leon pitched very well for 4+ innings, and I relieved him in the bottom of the 5th with one out and a runner on first. After nearly turning a pitcher's dream 3-6-1 double play (ground ball to the first baseman, relay to shortstop, and back to me covering first) I walked a batter, then threw a strike three fastball on a 3-2 count to end the inning. It was a huge relief to see the umpire pull the trigger on the call, because it was a borderline pitch that could have gone either way.

Our games tonight and tomorrow have been canceled, due to our home field not being ready to host baseball games yet. Kinks like this are just a product of this being the inaugural season, but 2 days off is a pretty big disappointment for us right now. Things would be different if we were at home, but in a foreign country with no easy way to get around, we are left with too much free time and not enough to do. These couple days should at least serve as time to catch up on sleep and bask in our newly-working air conditioning, as well as playing a little Xbox360 that I've been without for over a week (shocking, I know)

Until next time,



Diane said...

keep em coming. what will y'all do today and tomorrow? Explore Tel Aviv? Go to the beach?

jam40jeff said...

I wired that ump $200 before the game. Glad to see it paid off.